How To Change Your Name/Surname | For Turkish Citizens

Whether you were born a Turkish citizen or you acquired the citizenship later in life, it is possible to change your name with a courts judgment. But in order to do that, you would need a valid reason that you can present to the court. It is not possible to change your name just because you want to have a new one. Valid reasons in name change cases often are:

  • Being known by another name or surname. We can say that this is the most preferred reason. If your ID card has a different name from what you use in your daily life, you can change your name once you prove this in front of a judge.
  • Difficulty pronouncing the name.
  • Converting to another religion.
  • If the person who acquired Turkish citizenship wants to have a Turkish name.
  • Gender reassignment.
  • Violation of Article 3 of Surname Law (The article is as follows: “Names of rank and office, tribe and foreign race and nation, and surnames that do not comply with public morals or that are disgusting and ridiculous cannot be used.”).
  • If the name is objectively considered ridiculous or being ridiculed.

It is possible to get a first name with foreign roots. But the name has to comply with Turkish Law no 1353 which suggests the name must be spelled with Turkish alphabet. Surnames on the other hand, have to have their roots in Turkish language. But if you have a previous surname that does not comply with this rule, the supreme court is of the opinion that you should be able to get your old surname back.

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